When all stakeholders from customers to personnel are systematically included in development in the Idea Factory, new pace and accuracy are gained. In the process, everyone involved is committed to reaching mutual goals. Idea Factory is a method to involve stakeholders to goal-oriented development from small groups up to thousands of participants.

The exceptional efficiency of the method is based on individual network sessions, which are participated regardless of time, place or device. Idea Factory is suitable for all phases of development from recognising development areas to brainstorming solutions, and implementing the solutions to everyday work.


Quick trial run and concept testing

Developing a new product, service, or mode of operation requires comprehensive research of the needs of the end customer, and the potential of the development area. Our methods cover the different options from qualitative interview surveys to targeted concept tests in both b2b and consumer target groups.

Competitive analysis

The choices made by the end customer determine commercial success. We help our customers to recognise those possibilities on which sustainable competitiveness should be built. Our methods range from international research/studies to customer journey mapping supporting service design.

Research and analysis service

We have effective solutions if you are looking for understanding to support a new concept, improve a service experience, or strengthen your position. To optimise accuracy and successful implementation we use our own tools in most productions.

Data reliability

Basis for reliable data is built with correct choice of method and sample. Corefiner researchers have an average of over 20 years of experience in research, sample, and analysis design. We can build you understanding that always has known and understood basis.

Agile consumer research

We have a panel of consumers which gives us quick access to information to support decision making. Truly efficient tool for fast development in consumer market. Improve your decisions’ hit rate even in a week!